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It Hurts My Brain - RP Style
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Saturday, April 30th, 2005
10:56 pm
Christopher Reeve/Gwyneth Paltrow, PG
Sad/angsty warning.

Word count: 303

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10:55 pm
Jane Austen/Kirk Hammett, PG
Historical AU

Word count: 625

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Thursday, April 28th, 2005
9:08 pm
FIC: Idolatry (Keira Knightley/Lucy Lawless)
Title: Idolatry
Author: voleuse
Pairing: Keira Knightley/Lucy Lawless
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This never happened.
Summary: It's a bit different on the other end.

LINK: 400 words
Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
11:19 am
I finally finished fic #2!
Title: The Points Don't Matter
Pairing 107: Colin Mochrie/Amber Benson
Rating: PG
Word count: 200

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12:03 pm
Help the Fandom
Firstly, to those of you who are writing fic : HURRY UP! We are still waiting for you.

In the meantime...

freethegayboys is writing an essay about fandom and would like to hear your experiences.

Any and all fandoms appreciated.
Friday, March 25th, 2005
6:20 pm
Jamie Oliver/Janeane Garofalo
165 words

He stepped out onto the balcony for a breath of fresh air. He loved cooking, even when it wasn't his party, but sometimes slaving over a hot stove got, well, hot. He leaned on the railing and stared down at the lights in the street below, then nearly jumped out of his skin when she spoke to him.

"So you're the cook." A red ember at the end of her cigarette marked her position, her black clothing making her almost invisible in the shadows. She stepped forward into the light, amusement making her dark eyes twinkle. "I hear you're fast. Is that a good thing?"

He said the first thing that came into his head. "In ten minutes I can whip up a chocolate sauce that's perfect for licking off of nipples."

Her eyes narrowed as she took another drag on her cigarette and slowly exhaled, then a smile quirked up the corners of her lips as she flicked the butt over the railing.

"Prove it."
Sunday, February 6th, 2005
2:50 pm
Jeopardy: Alex Trebek/Oprah Winfrey
Title: Jeopardy
Pairing: #104, Alex Trebek/Oprah Winfrey
Rating: PG
Word count: 100

"Oprah, you have the board."

"Movies for sex hundred, Alex." I instantly tried to hide my embarrassment. "Six hundred."

"Thinking about someone special?" he smirked.

"No, I'm just really nervous." Not about the game, but being near Alex himself. But I wasn't going to tell him that.

"And the answer is..."

Who am I kidding? He's married. And I have a boyfriend.


"What is 'Casablanca.'"

Nothing would ever happen. But I bet he's a great kisser.

"Correct. Good to see your buzzer's working. You have the board."

I need to stop fantasizing. I've got a Jeopardy game to win.
8:38 pm
Fic: "Black and White, Still" (Leni Riefenstahl/Peter O'Toole)
Black and White, Still
by Jane St Clair
6 February 2005

Peter O'Toole/Leni Riefenstahl
Rating: R

Timeline: Takes place in late 1962 or early 1963

For those who need an illustrated catch-up on Riefenstahl's career, I recommend her official site.

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Current Mood: creative
12:31 pm
Welcome to the first writing round of RP Hurts My Brain!

We have 120 pairings waiting for you - het, slash, and femmeslash. I can guarantee you that this list will hurt someone's brain - it hurt mine. X_X


1. Call dibs on two pairings only - If someone calls dibs on that pairing, no one else can write it until they're done. Also, you're only allowed to write more pairings after you're done with your dibs. Check the comments to see who's called dibs on what, since I may not be online so often.

2. No fixed length - this is the first time so I'm making it easy for you. You can write drabbles, short stories, novels, whatever. Just make it substanstial.

3. Stories have to be of a romantic nature - they can range from one-sided crushes, to first kisses, to all-out smut. But there has to be an element of romance somwehere.

4. Keep them relatively in-character - i.e. no AUs or anything. Some of these fics may involve time travel, but keep their roles relatively similar to what theirs would be in real life.

5. About posting - you can post them here in the community, or you can post them off the community and provide a link here.

Deadline - 30th April 2005.

120 brainhuting pairings for your perusalCollapse )

Have fun! ;)
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
12:05 pm
First round!
Hey everyone!

Welcome to the First Round of It Hurts My Brain - RP Style!

This is a spinoff of the hugely popular ithurtsmybrain but for real people fiction. apocalypsos, queen of this idea, gave me her blessing to start this so it's all good ;)

Now here's a chance to give submissions.

Theme Of This Round: Anything Goes With Fame

Who To Nominate: Since this is the first time, I'll make it easy - famous people of all sorts. Celebrities, musicians, actors, TV & Radio people, historical people, newsmakers. As long as they're real and that a large part of the world population knows them, it's good.

1. Nominate ten people each - any 10 people you wish.

2. Diversify your choices - sure, you may be an Idol fan (for example), but try not to make everyone on your list Idol people. Be varied.

3. Be original - I won't kill you if you've nominated someone that's already been nominated. But try to be original at least.

4. You don't have to write to submit - I accept submissions from anyone :D

Deadline: 5th February 2005

Here are my submissionsCollapse )

Now it's your TURN! Spread the word!
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